Transforming Knowledge into Currency

Learn: Expand your cybersecurity educational horizon
Track: Put your educational credits in your wallet
Get Rewarded: Enjoy the career benefits of verified expertise

With OpenCPEs, professionals ​are rewarded for real accomplishments, both traditional or non-traditional. Because any learning experience can be tracked and credited, OpenCPEs makes the cybersecurity industry bigger and better by enhancing its most important​ ​resource – people.

Join the Beta Announcement List

The OpenCPEs centsayWallet is a mobile client, currently available for Apple iOS in technical beta and in development for Google Android. If you want to be informed when it becomes generally available, please sign up to our announcement list at announcements+subscribe@opencpes.com (a low volume list for centsayWallet announcements).

About OpenCPEs

OpenCPEs is a project from Cloud Security Alliance Labs, which is affiliated with the Cloud Security Alliance. The Cloud Security Alliance and Cloud Security Alliance Labs work together to create and build innovative security and privacy solutions for the future.

What is ¢entsay

¢entsay is not a cryptocurrency. ¢entsay is a pseudo cryptocurrency which can be used to measure value, but unlike a currency, it cannot be spent. Once ¢entsay is entered into a user’s wallet, it cannot leave. The main goal of ¢entsay is to make it easier for users to express the value of their CPE history.

Harnessing Blockchain Technology

None of the existing blockchains had the privacy technology we needed, so rather than add another layer on top of something complex, we created a proof-of-concept chain that can be used to validate data and prove its veracity. We also took care to ensure that our data and data processing is blockchain-agnostic. Let’s face it, the blockchain technology we have today will be eclipsed in a few years by much better technologies.