centsay – centsay (also displayed as “¢entsay”) is a pseudo crypto-currency that can be used to measure the value of any registered claim, including continuing professional education (CPE) claims, it generally maps at 1 centsay per hour of CPE. centsay can also be used to measure the relative value of certifications and other professional achievements.

Certification – A certification can be attached to a person and is provided by a third party. Although OpenCPEs supports self-certification claims (e.g. “I claim I can do X”), it is generally accepted that certifications are defined by third parties (e.g. a certification body).

Confirmed Certification Claim or CPE Claim – A claim can be combined with a piece of digital evidence (such as an image or a PDF) which is confirmed with a trusted third party. If confirmed, it is then processed and an OpenCPE record is created and written to the OCL blockchain. Please note that this feature is not yet available.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) – Continuing professional education (CPE) is defined as ANY activity related to common information security practitioner activities such as attending or giving conference talks, creating or consuming new information security content (such as blog postings, podcasts, videos, etc.), finding, fixing, and helping deal with security vulnerabilities and incidents, to name a few activities.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Claim – A CPE claim is any CPE activity that someone claims to have done, but the activity not yet registered in the OpenCPEs system. The next step would be to use the OpenCPE Wallet to register it, resulting in a “Registered Claim”.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider – A CPE provider can be a traditional CPE provider, such as an online training designed to provide CPEs for the information security industry, or a less traditional CPE provider, such as an information security-related podcast. Please note that a third-party CPE provider is not even required for a CPE claim, as self claims can be made (e.g. “I wrote this blog posting about information security topic X”).

OpenCPEs CentsayWallet – The OpenCPEs CentsayWallet is the mobile client (currently available in technical beta for Apple iOS and Android devices) that can be used to generate claims, register claims and validate claims.