FAQ – centsay

What is the deal with the centsay pseudo-crypto currency?

centsay is the unit of measurement of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits that will be stored in an individual’s OpenCPEs CentsayWallet. To be clear centsay is not a cryptocurrency. centsay is a pseudo cryptocurrency, it can be used to measure value but unlike a currency it cannot be spent, once centsay is entered into a user’s OpenCPEs CentsayWallet it cannot leave. The main goal of centsay is to provide an abstraction and make it easier for users to express the value held in their OpenCPEs CentsayWallet.

How will OpenCPEs and centsay be used by Cybersecurity professionals in the real world?

We have several examples of how centsay will be used

  • A professional attends a security conference, takes a picture of a custom QR code that provides centsay credits
  • Security associations and standards bodies can use this to award centsay credits to professionals that attend chapter meetings, participate in research working groups, speak at conferences and many other related activities.
  • Professional accreditation organizations can accept centsay credits to satisfy their traditional CPE requirements.
  • A software company can award a security researcher centsay credits for discovering a vulnerability in their code
  • Content publishers from security magazines to online universities can award centsay credits for reading/writing articles, taking online courses, watching webinars and answering quizzes, etc.

There are many other examples we can cite, you may have some ideas of your own. Professionals can get credit for experience efficiently and get rewarded for real accomplishments. This allows all of us to better measure security professional competency.

How will OpenCPEs and centsay help me address existing annual CPE requirements I have with the security certifications I hold?

In the long run, any organization that issues security certifications or other related credentialing will be able to validate and accept centsay credits you make available from your OpenCPEs CentsayWallet by using our tools. The reverse is true and these organizations will also be able to grant you centsay by achieving a certification. In the interim, the OpenCPEs CentsayWallet will be able to produce documentation for your credits that you will be able to send to the accrediting organization using other means, such as email.

We feel that organizations granting you certifications today will be eager to plug in to OpenCPEs to assist qualified professional in maintaining their certifications. The reality is, if you are not being given credit for your great achievements within cybersecurity, you are being cheated out of the credentials you have earned and ultimately the career you deserve.

Ok, I get how OpenCPEs and centsay make sense for certifications, how does this benefit other players in the Cybersecurity industry?

Conference providers will offer centsay as it makes their conference more valuable and increases attendance. Educational websites will increase their traffic by offering centsay. Employers will have a better understanding of who the really qualified professionals are. There are many other examples.